Guillermo Rozenthuler...

Having fought my way through the crowd spilling out of the Dog and Partridge on Trippet lane last night, I arrived at Cubana, Tapas Bar and restaurant - winner of Sheffields best Restaurant award two years in a row.

Guillermo was there as he is every month for a couple of evenings and I was once more simply blown away by his rhythmic energy. he plays so many styles of Latin music it would be folly to list them.

Last night we were treated to a late-night set of bolero and flamenco in falsetto!

He invited David Truran and myself to play a few songs each and a great night was had by all.

To say that there was only 15 people in the restaurant including performers and staff, it felt like a lot more - Guillermo gives a great deal in his performances and it is very hard to stop yourself getting up and dancing - I've never seen so many table dancers and foot tappers in one place!

Thanks Guillermo and Cubana for another great night out - brilliant food too!

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