It never rains but it doth pour - a tale of transport.

Oct. 08. Had a Renault Laguna Estate - some twerp smashes it, wont accept liablity.

Spent five months without car.

Jan '09 friend of friend offers to give us an L Reg Metro, but he crashes his other car and needs to use it.

Mar '09 bought a Daewoo Nubira Estate for £600 while waiting for Metro. Fails M.O.T by £800 worth of repairs. Can't afford to repair.

Pulled for tail-light same week, fined £60 for driving with no M.O.T.

Friend of friend gives Metro, have to pay him £200 for tax and M.O.T. - yet to pay...

Last night joyriders steal Metro and write it off.

Meanwhile washing machine breaks and boiler goes on blink.

Does anyone want to sponsor a family in Sheffield?

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