Oyez! Oyez! Oyez!

A friend who came up from Bristol this weekend is acting as celebrant for a wedding shortly and, worried about the projection their voice, asked me to give them some tips on to and what not to do.

I obliged willingly in my capacity of Vocal Tutor.

At the end of which, I was advised that a career in Town Crying would suit me down to the ground.

I informed my friend that my career had no trouble in finding the ground on it's own and that what with News24, the Internet, Twitter etc., I doubted there was very much in the way of work for a Town Crier nowadays.

Suitably chastened, they returned to Bristol.

Ever eager to teach me a lesson, on this occasion, the universe conspired to embarrass me by a mighty one.

I received the following afternoon a phone call from a representative of one Henry Cryer, Town Crier of Rotherham, inquiring as to whether I would be interested in becoming part of a National training course for Town Criers.

Having to see this for myself, I attended a meeting in Rotherham the following day, whereupon I related my story all.

When the delegates picked themselves up off the floor, they would not allow me to continue with the meeting until I had called my friend, explained my circumstances and apologised.

Quite a day. - Looking forward to the training course itself...

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