The man on the bus went...


On the way home from Rotherham a gentleman in his fifties collapsed on the top floor of the bus I was riding.

We stopped the bus, checked his abc's and finding him lacking in none of them (indeed most of the alphabet was tattooed in one place or other) put him into the recovery position.The emergency services came within 5 minutes and took him off in their Ambulance.

My one surprise was that I was advised by the lady on the phone to put him on his back while waiting for the emergency services and tip his head back. I did this but the man's breathing was much more difficult. It also meant that if he threw up, instead of gravity draining his vomit away from his airway (which it would have in the recovery position) it would go back down his trachea unless I or another willing member of the public fancied spooning it out of his mouth (eurrgh!).

What would you have done?

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