Water, water everywhere...

We have a gas boiler and an immersion heater.

The hot water switch on the gas boiler hasn't worked for ages, so we use the boiler for the radiators and the immersion heater for the hot water - or did until the thermostat went and we boiled our header tank all over the loft last week.

The plumber told me it wasn't Earthed either when he came, but wouldn't touch the equipment itself - the water itself being his problem, not the cause (?) and that I should call a heating engineer, not a plumber.

Not having a spare £100, I decided to look at it myself - how hard can it be to earth an appliance?

A. - Very - if in the process you puncture the hot water tank and it empties all over the floor.

Having done that, I called my friend Derek, who is an absolute life-saver in situations like these and he told me what to do.

More expense, but heigh-ho - needs must when the devil s*its on your shovel.

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