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Yesterday, I spent the afternoon with a friend of mine who fled Iran last year and is currently seeking asylum here in the U.K.

He is a great guy, we have a lot in common - musical tastes, spirituality, films, a love of languages, people and freedom.

We spoke at length about the change that is happening in his country right now and how a few men holding the wealth and power are killing ordinary folks like you and me who just want the right to choose who runs their country.

He showed me the picture of the young student who was shot next to her father.

He showed me pictures of the girlfriend he left to escape with life.

He was so grateful just to have someone he could talk to about these things.

I know sometimes we don't feel like we live in a democracy and that oppression has always happened, but now there is a difference.

Mobile phones.



Opression does not happen in a corner any more - we know about these things and see them as they are happening.

We all (in the U.K) have the means to broadcast, comment and petition.

We've seen that good has come from the video of poor Ian Tomlinson being beaten. Your opinion, my opinion - our outrage at those who are supposed to protect us - caused an official enquiry to take place into an incident that would have been hushed up.

This is our duty to each other - we must stand up for each other.

All I'm asking you to do is sign an online petition - it will only take a minute and it means your voice will be heard along thousands of others. is organising a petition that asks world governments to withhold recognition of any new government that relies on violence to secure power.

Please sign this petition and forward the email they will send you.

Sign the petition here.

Let me ask you this - do we do nothing because nothing will probably change?


Do we do what little we can and rid ourselves of the guilt that we stood by and did nothing?

Thanks for taking the time to read and hopefully fill in the petition.

I'd like to encourage you to get more involved in raising your voice and letting your opinions be known - whatver they are, via avaaz or amnesty or emailing your MP or whatever.

There's far too many of us sitting on our arses, enjoying the privileges of what we have, but complaining about what should be done without helping to make it happen.

If you see an improvement that could be made, it's down to you to share it, to help it come into being - however humble your efforts.

Every little helps.

;-) Paul. x

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