Martin Carthy & Dave Swarbrick - Boardwalk Sheffield

A crowd of just over two hundred gathered to hear two veterans of the modern folk revival play a two hour set with a good mix of ballads and tunes.

Over the years their combined output has been prodigious and it was encouraging to see the fruit of a life spent in the pursuit of music. They've been playing these songs so long, their stories have stories of their own.

Hearing Swarbrick pronounce "Unst" with barely any teeth and his etymological exposition of the word "joke" was worth the ticket price alone. He even gave instruction on foot-tapping in compound time!

With the aid of water and a boiled sweet, Carthy still produces the warm, rhythmic vocal tone and complex fingerstyle accompaniments that have made him a top drawer folk singer for nearly fifty years.

While this may not be the "Last Chance to See" tour, I'm glad I saw them when I did.

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