Grassington Folk Club

Had a lovely time at the inaugural folk club in Grassington last night. Loads of the audience were in multi-coloured patchwork trousers which I assumed was de riguer for folk music in North Yorkshire until I found out they had some kind of rehearsal beforehand.

Jon Harvison and I filled the guest slots but there was more than enough local talent to fill the evening. A very amusing poem from Ray about his garden, some shanties by an antipodean lady and this young fellow who simply calls himself "Joe" fair blew me away!

It's great when everyone feels able to share even if there performance isn't polished (myself included!) One  lady sang a cheeky sailor song that she hadn't sung in ten years- Now that's courage. We were joined by a couple from Hebden - I was moved to tears by their song and just roared with laughter at Jane Ellison-Bates' rendition of "The Cuckoo's Nest" - OMG that's all I have to say!

Good luck Grassington Folk Club - hope to see you all again. xx

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