Druid Ritual Song Compilation...

Got this from a friend I made at TDN camp from the States a few years ago.
Can you help?

I've been wondering how to make a songbook here for each of the 8 rituals throughout the year--at least one for Samhain, Winter Solstice, Imbolc, etc., etc. Songs that people can learn, not performance pieces as such, so that the songs can accompany people during the 6 weeks, until the next ones are brought into play (pun intended). We don't have a cycle of songs for the druid/pagan year. The cycle songs we do have belong to other traditions, such as the Christian cycle (Christmas carols, Easter songs, etc.), Jewish cycle, and a few national events (such as Thanksgiving, which are largely christian, and the National Anthem, now associated primarily with sports). So it's been on my mind to create or to collect songs for each of the major eight rituals to help instill the earth cycles/lessons in our consciousness. Maybe you know something about this project on your side of the pond. ?

Jim Lawer

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