Gaudete Alternative Lyrics...

Gaudete, Gaudete, Rejoice, Rejoice
Solus renatus The Sun is reborn
Ex profundi tenebrae From the heart of darkness
Gaudete Rejoice!

Tempus de reparare The hour of renewal
Hoc quod optabamus, Which we seek is here.
Carmina laetitiae Songs of gladness
Gaudete reddamus. We offer with rejoicing

Omni universitas, All things
Natura mirante, Are a natural wonder.
Mundus renovatus est, The world is renewed
A lucis reddere. By the light's return.

Ergo nostra contio So, our congregation
Psallat jam in lustro, Sings lustily togther
Benedicat spiritus, Giving blessing to life,
Itineris illustro. For lighting our way.

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