Robin Williamson & John Renbourn - Greystones, 15th April

First time out to the Greystones pub last night to see two of England's most influential folk musicians.

Great pub - the gig was held in the back room which seats about 90 but 120 people or so managed to cram in to hear the wizened wizards weave their musical spell.

It was a curious mix of blues, celtic music and their own compositions - instantly accessible and even after the best part of two hours and two encores, the crowd were still hungry for more.

Robin plays by turns: harp, fiddle, mandolin, guitar and accompanies his own clear, plaintive singing with a foot drum while Mr. Renbourn lays down a guitar part with with the practiced hand of a lover.

Either one of their performances would have kept the audience rapt, but delightfully, their musical rapport forged through many years of playing together allows them to shine in their own right without the need to hold back or worry about getting in the way of the other. The overall effect is mellifluous, uncluttered and complimentary.

Something rejuvenating happens when maturity enables a youthful outlook and it's clear from Williamson's patter and the dexterity of both that a great deal of love and fun goes into the making of their craft.

Go see them if you can - it's a rare treat like an aged mead for the ears - before time takes away two national treasures of the English folk scene.

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