Make the Connection.

A friend recommended this video to me. They became a vegetarian after watching it. It's taken me about 5 months to take the plunge and to be honest, I've only just watched it because I'm seeing them this weekend
and I wanted to be able to say to them that I have watched it. I admire them for their courage and integrity.

It's not easy watching at all. It shows those parts of life that we prefer not to think about - the fur trade, slaughterhouses, medical experiments...

I knew from my days of being a vegan and from having teenagers who support PETA and CIWF about most of the issues raised by this film, so it wasn't "news" in that sense which is worse somehow - I have allowed myself to become complicit in this kind of industry because of convenience or appetite. I don't protest it and I'm thankful that it happens far away from where I could see it - that's all wrong isn't it?

I gave up "dirty" food (takeaways) for lent because I'm overweight (3 kilos lighter now) - I'm very partial to fried chicken. I know the places I buy it from aren't interested in animal welfare and I find it quite easy to ignore my conscience when I want something.

I'm not sure I want to be that man any more - it's easier to act according to desires rather than decisions made during a moment of clarity.

I'm reminded of something a wise man once said: Inspiration is like seeing a beautiful city from the top of a hill, but if you want to live there, you must cross the desert.

It's easy to see during this film that intensive farming is a BAD thing and that we as a planet need to do without it. I need to do without it first.

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