Monday, 12 September 2011

SFS 4 - The Wheel is Turning

(Song) The Magpie (written by Dave Dodds)
(Story) Wilbur Makes Ready
(Song) Hymn to Being

Download link: StoryFolkSinger 004


Drui said...

Thanks for making my little coffee break even more enjoyable ;)

Barry J. Northern said...

Ahhhhhh! I feel all relaxed and contented now. I just listened to all the podcast episodes, as I have been meaning to for a while now, and feeling bad for not having done so.

What a lovely podcast. I'm so glad you made that Facebook group because it prompted me to finally listen in. I loved the Portsmouth one :) Keep up the good work my good man!

This should be on Radio 4! (That was supposed to be massive compliment by the way)

Paul Newman said...

Thanks, fellows. :-)