The NACC Camp...

Owing to the absence of The Anderida Gorsedd Camp (while the organisers have a year off seeking another venue), this camp is being held to enable the AG Camp community to meet and carry out ritual together in the land of Andred from September 8th-10th.

The camp will have its own ritual theme with a structure familiar to those who attend AG camps.

The theme of the camp will be revealed on the camp ticket.

The camp will be held on a farm near Hailsham in Sussex, not too far from the old site. The field is bordered by a Hornbeam, Oak and Holly woodland and a small stream.

As usual, there will be a meditation area, a communal central fire, friendship, and community. The camps are sacred journeys, held on sacred space.

There will be water and toilets on site.

There is also a large hut on site that will play the role of our central marquee.

Camper vans and caravans are welcome.

There is car parking on site.

Please bear in mind that this is not a luxury camp and you should come as self-sufficient as possible and remove all your rubbish at the end.

The camp, as usual, is limited to 70 adults to enable a deeper connection to the magic we create together.

Humans under 18 are welcome to attend and free of charge as are friendly furry folk (dogs etc.) - but please note that no special provision is made for children and everyone who attends is responsible for their own conduct and safety as well as those for whom they are legally responsible.

If you have any questions, please email Paul Newman.

So, in anticipation of a wonder-filled, magical camp, we look forward to welcoming you to the field - barring foe, fire or flood.

Matt, Morrigan and Paul.

If you'd like to purchase tickets for the camp securely through PayPal, click the button below...

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